Our Vision

We want to see a healthy competitive pharmacy space. Rx Help is here to help independent pharmacies and pharmacy employees be successful in this rapidly changing landscape. Through consulting, and developing tools for those we care about most we plan to make a positive impact on the pharmacy industry. 

"Can you help us in the pharmacy?"

Someone once asked me this question. Now I ask, how can I help you in the pharmacy? Let’s find out together.

How It All Started

Stanley Warren | President Rx Help

Founded in 2021 Rx Help was created after the COVID-19 outbreak in an effort to take control of my purpose in the pharmacy space.

I never thought I would be part of this rapidly emerging industry. I still remember when I was 16 my stepfather said I had to get a job. My mom happened to be going to CVS for something and told me I should apply to make him happy. 

I planned to walk in and pretend to apply and come back out in about 5 minutes. However as a hormonal 16 year old teenager, a cute blonde girl named Melissa said “Hi!” to me as I walked in and before I could blink twice I was filling out an application. A couple days or weeks later in early June 2002, I was officially a part of the pharmacy industry without even knowing it. 

A week after starting, a now good friend of mine who worked in the pharmacy department asked if I could come and help in the pharmacy. The rest is history.